Harley Davidson XR 1200 MY_2010

Harley Davidson XR 1200 MY_2010

The preparation of this HD XR 1200 taken on again in the original OMG orange version consists of both cycling and aesthetic modifications..

HD XR 02

Immediately after the first disassembly, the first intervention is aimed at lightening and reducing the size of the rear frame, followed by the raising of the pilot's seat. These first changes are aimed at improving the handling of the bike, especially when changing trajectory.

HD XR 03

The tank, the tail, the mudguard, the front table in shorttrack style and the side tables were made of hand-beaten aluminum. The front mask hides the repositioned oil radiator and the double headlight. The exhaust is type two in one in steel. The original rear suspensions have been replaced by new Ohlins suspensions and new Pirelli MT6RS tires have been fitted. The new oil tank has been increased. The license plate holder is of MBG construction and houses the new lighting unit. The saddle has been sized and shaped ad hoc and built a body for the engine..


10 February 2020



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