MBG_001 is a concept bike developed from a Triumph Speed Triple MY 2000. It represents the greatest challenge the team faced immediately after the MBG_000 which was the first construction model made  collaboratively by the newly formed team.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 1

With this project MBG demonstrated the ability to change the initial model using new shapes. The construction was made particularly complex by the enormous size of the bodywork.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 2

Federico Rizzo, Designer MBG, imagined a sinuous and fluid form, conceived as an organic geometry with numerous ribs that shape the material in a liquid form to envelope the motorcycle.

The re-visitation of the front fairing as a new unconventional element in road motorcycles gives the model an original design typical of concept bikes.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 6

With skilled hands, Simone Lecca expertly shaped the materials by wrapping the base model with an aluminium mantle.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 8

The preparation consisted of the construction of a monocoque body in aluminium completely moulded by hand; made in only two parts, it fits on the bike starting from in front of the radiator and extends to unite the lateral sides under the bike.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 9

The front fairing, mudguards, chain guard and license plate holder were made with manual processing and modelling. The saddlery was handcrafted and has a removeable aluminium cover over the back position of the dual-seat saddle.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 10

Under the bodywork, a dedicated aluminium tank houses the injection pump and the septa steel drain is totally handmade. The chassis, engine crankcase and polished rims were repainted. The original front end has been replaced with racing stems and plates. The rear brake caliper, originally axial is now radial; and the billet parts and the braking systems were produced by Accossato Racing.

The naked Triumph has transformed into a futuristic Street bike.

metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 5metalbike garage speed studio mbg 001 7


10 February 2020



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