Marlboro Alu Version

Marlboro Alu Version

A splendid production motorcycle transformed into a unique, distinctive motorcycle!

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Following the grand tradition of the Paris Dakar, the original fueltank with plastic side fairings was replaced with a larger 30L tank completely made of glazed aluminium.

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The original fenders, license plates and front fairing were replaced with new aluminium parts pre-formed by hand.

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MBG's skills went beyond the creation of the bodywork alone by also developing photorealistic graphic solutions.

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The inspiration for the chosen graphics came from the 1986 BMW R100 driven by Eddy Hau who won best private driver at the Paris Dakar in 1986.

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In this project the original model was replaced by the R1200 G/S made from the most advanced and modern chassis and mechanics.

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Comfort, technique and aesthetics combine to create the final harmonious effect.

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06 February 2020



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