The Beast En

The Beast En

The Beast is the MBG creation based on Headbanger MY 2006 with RevTech 100inch 1600cc engine. The choice was to work on a classic base adding a touch of aggression. The inspiration comes from the image of the cockpit of the Curtiss P-40M Warhawk fighter-bomber.

MBG TheBeast 8

The frame has been repainted with a clear pigmented finish.
Spriger rims, side panels and forks have been copper-plated and subjected to an aging process. The handcrafted exhaust created ad hoc has been ceramicized.

MBG TheBeast 3

The bodywork, side panels and seat have been modeled in hand-wrought aluminum and subjected to brushing and aging before being painted. The handcrafted dark brown saddle completes the work.

MBG TheBeast 16

The Beast can be used with body or naked.



20 December 2020



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